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Claudia “works with the willing.” If you, or your organization are ready to look at your beliefs and habits— and make necessary changes, then Claudia is the person to lead the way! She is an excellent money manager, and a change agent. She uses practical spiritual principles and incorporates fun and creativity into her workshops.

If you’d like to get started on your budget, begin by tracking your expenses. Click the free budgeting booklet download below. It will require an email address. I do not spam!

  1. Leave the workshop with a personal budget

  2. Explore your beliefs around money in a safe atmosphere

  3. Set or re-evaluate your priorities and values

  4. Learn and grow as an individual in a group setting

  5. Sharing your intention, taking a public stand on your priorities in an encouraging environment

  6. Learn to say “No”

  7. Learn to say “YES!”

  8. Shift from non-supportive thoughts and behaviors to ones that support you 

  9. Create a vision and take action

  10. Brief break-out sessions (No disclosure of your numbers is needed)

  11. Discover practical ideas and steps in fun, thought provoking ways

  12. Be accountable for your goals and visions with an accountability partner

  13. Safely set new boundaries with others

  14. Understand what drives you to spend or save

  15. Knowing what a budget is and is not

  16. Increase your confidence by knowing your numbers, taking back control

  17. Get out of a rut and examine options

  18. Experience balance with spirit and money

  19. Get money-saving tips

  20. An awareness of contributing to the greater good

  21. Get creative juices running and act “as if” without going into debt

  22. Know what’s working, what isn’t and create solutions

  23. Honestly looking at what’s behind “I deserve it”

  24. Give the Joneses a run for their money!

  25. A brief look reducing debt (increasing money to you!)

  26. Achieve your goals and dreams

  27. Empower others by asking and allowing them to join you in welcoming wealth

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  1. A clear view of your priorities

  2. A personal budget

  3. The opportunity to be held accountable for what you say are your priorities

  4. Knowledge/reminder that net-worth is never to be confused with self-worth

  5. If needed, debt-reduction plan and action

  6. New ideas how to save money without saying, “I’m on a budget, so I didn’t get you a birthday gift.”

  7. Knowledge for safely setting boundaries with those who want to spend your money (or time, energy.)

  8. Tools in your hands. Knowledge in your head. Passion in your heart.

Some Benefits of Welcoming Wealth

In addition, you will gain:

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