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  1. Teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness.

  2. Spirit is thought. Money is form. Both are important.

  1. Workbooks: Welcoming Wealth

  2. Welcoming Wealth is a short but essential and empowering budgeting workbook with humor and straight talk about the importance of attitude and action with money. These workbooks are great gifts for ages teen on up.

  1. Explore your beliefs around money in a safe atmosphere

  2. Learn and grow as an individual, couple or group

  3. Discover practical steps in fun, thought provoking ways

  4. Honestly looking at what’s behind “I deserve it”

  5. Increase your confidence understanding what drives you to spend or save

  6. Be accountable for your goals and visions

  7. Increase your personal satisfaction

  8. Achieve your goals and dreams

  9. Shift from non-supportive thoughts and behaviors to ones that support you

  10. Tools in your hands. Knowledge in your head. Passion in your heart.

Welcoming Wealth Workshop. Financial Freedom Made Easy! — Really easy!

By participating in Claudia’s Welcoming Wealth Workshops (spiritual and non-spiritual based), You will: Leave with a spending plan. Learn to act “as if” without going into debt. Take steps to support your desires. Learn key points of living in balance with spirit and money; tapping into universal, and spiritual wisdom.

Many people go to prosperity workshops. That’s great—but you’ll never get to prosperity without a budget. Lead the way to welcoming wealth. Bring a friend or loved one with you to this workshop. You’ll leave with an accountability partner! It’s an investment that will only go up in value. This workshop is appropriate for ages teens with an adult, on up.      


Some Benefits of Working with Spirit and Money Matters

Mentorship for Individuals and Couples

These one hour phone sessions for individuals or couples focus on balancing spirit and money, according to the situation.

Couples’ mentorship is a good foundation before saying, “I do” (even if that means moving in together, without marriage.) You’re about to combine your hearts. Your lives. Your money.

People plan for the wedding, but do they plan the marriage? Deepen your financial relationship trust and knowledge. Do you know each other’s credit score? Is one partner a saver, and one a spender? If your goals for money don’t match, what’s the plan?

Budgeting Party (Maximum five people)

You host the party at your home, office or organization. Set aside one hour for a non-threatening, basic budget design. Sessions are via Skype. Perfect for a get together with neighbors, family night, birthday celebration, sending kids off to college. . .

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  1. Welcome to Spirit and Money Matters

Claudia is an excellent money manager and change agent. If your congregation or organization is willing to be held accountable, change some ways of doing things, and really look at their beliefs, habits and results–while making necessary changes, then Claudia is the person to lead the way! She uses practical spiritual principles and incorporates fun and creativity into her Welcoming Wealth Workshops, mentorship sessions, budgeting parties, and workbooks.