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  1. "Welcoming Wealth" Workbooks

  2. "Welcoming Wealth" is a short but essential and empowering budgeting workbook with humor and straight talk about the importance of attitude and action with money. These workbooks are great gifts for ages teen on up.

Previous Welcoming Wealth Workshop Locations

  1. International Centers for Spiritual Living - Annual Conference, Monterey, CA

  2. Center for Spiritual Living, Carlsbad, CA

  3. Center for Spiritual Living, Granada Hills, CA

  4. Center for Spiritual Living, San Bernardino, CA

  5. Center for Spiritual Living, San Diego, CA

  6. Center for Positive Living, Sierra, CA

  7. Center for Spiritual Living, Ukiah, CA

  8. Center for Spiritual Living, Yuba City/Marysville, CA

  9. Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise, CA

  10. San Dieguito Adult School, CA

News & Events

Upcoming Welcoming Wealth Workshops

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