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The workshops are grounded in universal spiritual principles and share practical systems to use in everyday life for welcoming wealth. The workshop environment is safe to dream, share and even work through fear that sometimes pops up around the word “budget.” There is never pressure to share “the numbers.” The Welcoming Wealth Workshop is highly appropriate for teens on up. Claudia began to consciously budget at age thirteen.

Like the workshop, the workbook is grounded in universal spiritual principles and shares practical systems to use in everyday life for welcoming wealth.

This short but powerful budgeting workbook has 34 pages with humor and straight talk about the importance of attitude and action with money. The workbook includes questions to get the reader to focus on their dream as a priority, not an afterthought. There are also budget and net worth worksheets, and a guided tour of where money is going, and how to welcome it back! Anyone who desires to get on track – or get back on track – whether in debt or not, could benefit from this workbook. It is a great gift, refresher course or teaching tool for someone recommitting to a dream or learning to budget for the first time.


Welcoming Wealth—a workbook for committing to your dreams

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Mentorship for Individuals

One hour phone sessions with the focus on balancing spirit and money according to the individual’s situation. The Universe is no respecter of ignorance. How many people do you know who were taught to think of money in spiritual ways? When you understand it’s all energy and priorities, and the universe only says “Yes”, you’ll be intentional with your money (and everything else.) It’s not about valuing money more than people; it’s about valuing how money allows us to serve people—including ourselves, in wonderful ways.

Mentorship for Couples

Before saying, “I do” — Before combining your hearts. Your lives. Your money.

Couples’ mentorship is a good foundation for two people living together. One hour phone sessions with couples. The focus is on balancing spirit and money, according to the situation.

Budgeting Parties are for a maximum five people. You host the party at your home, office or organization. Set aside one hour for a non-threatening, basic budget design. Sessions are via Skype. These parties are perfect for a get together with neighbors, family night, get out of debt potluck girl’s night in, getting married. . .

Budgeting Party



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Financial freedom begins with welcoming wealth. Whether you are drawn to a workshop, mentorship, budgeting party, workbook or ebook (wherever ebooks are sold)—they all focus on the financial freedom that comes with making wise money-related decisions.

                                       Spirit is thought. Money is form. Both are important.

Workshops, Mentorship, and Parties*

To set up Workshops, Mentorship, or Parties, please use the contact button. Once we’ve set up the details (event, date, time. . .) you’ll scroll down and use the Pay Pal button.

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Thank you, I look forward to working with you!

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