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  2. Teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness.         Spirit is thought. Money is form. Both are important.


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Compounding works whether it’s for you, building savings—or against you, building debt. After seeing how a penny compounds over thirty days, you may never walk past a penny in the street again.

This is a quick, easy way to track where your money is going. To set it up, you will need: a pair of scissors, a stapler, and a pen or pencil. After you print out the budgeting booklet, read the directions. They are really easy to follow—but they must be read. After putting the booklet together, write your most common categories for tracking in the top spaces on each page. (Groceries, gas, phone, utilities, rent/mortgage, misc, entertainment, gifts, personal, auto insurance. . . If you’re saving for something, create a category “Car”, “Travel”  etc.  Track the money you put into a savings account.) Next, start using the tracker!

Can you estimate your grocery bill before the cashier tells you the amount? Do you have a “Fun” account for lunch, magazine subscriptions, or spontaneous splurges? What are your priorities?

If everything is a priority—nothing is a priority.

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is lost, and asks the Cheshire cat for directions to get out of the place she currently finds herself. The cat tells Alice that getting out depends on where you want to be, asks Alice where does she want to get to. Alice says, “anywhere.” The Cheshire cat tells her, if she wants to be anywhere it really doesn’t matter which way she goes! Do you want financial freedom? What are you doing to welcome wealth? What goals, visions, or dreams do you have? Have goals bigger than your fears.

Net worth statement form. Never confuse net worth with self worth.